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POCTech achieved the first CE certificate of CGMS

Time:2016-12-19 0


April 8th, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring system of POCTech Corporation received first CE certificate, it is a key point for this product to get into European medical market.POCTech Corporation was set up by Dr. Yanan Zhang who has a 20 year experience of biological sensor. The management team also has a 20 year experience of medical industry, focusing on the research ,development,production,marketing and service of diabetes monitoring technology. This system can monitor the glucose situation of diabetes at any time.It is useful for diabetes management, this advanced technology is grasped by an extremely small number of companies all over the world.

CE(CE Marketing)is a safety logo that is required by 28 European countries on products.”CE” refers to “ConformitéEuropéene”, which means handling European standard. Product with CE logo represents that it is in line with European health, safety and environment protection laws. Through the CE certificate, product will receive a special “passport”, to be released in 30 European countries freely. As long as the product gets into one member of the European Union, it can enter other member countries.

The CE certification of Continuous Glucose Monitoring system shows the reorganization of technology, quality management system and clinical function of this product. This supports an important key of marketing application of Continuous Glucose Monitoring system and Continuous Monitoring technology for diabetes.

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